Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can make you feel more comfortable no matter what the vehicle however most people are unaware about how often your air conditioning needs to be serviced. This is important because with neglected servicing of your air conditioning it can lead to respiratory diseases.

Japanese cars should be serviced every 5 years, Euro cars every 2 years.

Servicing involves 3 steps.

1. Degassing
2. Changing the receiver, dryer and oil
3. Re-gassing

Be aware of cheap air conditioning deals as other places may top up gas on top of exisiting gas in systems. This is bad because it will destroy your air conditioning pump. The most vital part is putting in the correct oil in the system to suit the car.

Do you have a smelly air conditioning system?

The reason for this is that the cabin or pollen filter has not been changed or never has, another reason is that fungi may be growing on the evaporator. This may lead to cryptosporidium, causing diarrhoea, legionnaires diseases and other respiratory problems.

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