We have some second hand batteries in stock at times, selling that old car/truck or need a cheap battery see us

Hella head/lamp upgrades 50%more light on the road/getting older winter nights -this could be the answer-lots of people have found this a bright idea

Tractor- boat old models-alternator replacements-rear work lamps-key start switches-etc

Led trailer lights–sealed-from $68.00 dollars–small round led lamps- good for hot rods, sealed–one bolt mount // white leds marine use, cockpit lighting

New revolving twin / light bars –dual voltage 550l* 240w* 200h suit trucks / utes/ safety motor patrol/ machinery $275.oo +gst

Golf cart battery,s- replacement ,proper chargers/ marine deep cycle chargers

Some second hand older model stereos –in stock also cd players good priced units –work shop fitting service

Older model pre 1990>>alternators/ starters hard to find older units–as per sample only — cheap rebuilt units ———– marine rebuilt /serviced units-starters- alternators
24v marine bilge pumps $50.00